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weekly activities

  • Monday: House/ Follow up/ Evangelism.

  • Tuesday: Youth Fellowship.        6pm – 8pm.

  • Wednesday: Bible studies on zoom. 6pm -8pm

  • Thursday: Minister/ Workers and Counselling Meetings 6pm -8pm

  • Friday: Prayer meetings and Night Vigils 6pm -8pm

  • Sunday: 10am-10.30am Intercessory Prayers 
    - 10.30am-11.30 am Sunday School

    - 11.30am -13pm Prophetic Service / Communion service

Monthly activities

Week of Spirtual Emphasis - every first Wednesday of each month (including 3 days of prayer and fasting)

Night Vigil - every first Friday of each month {10pm - 2am]

Thanksgiving service - every last Sunday of the month (including testimonies) [11am - 1:30pm]

Communion service - every first Sunday of the month [11am - 1:30pm]

72 hours - every 3 months (quarterly) on the last Friday - Sunday of the month

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